Our Team

The Protractor Inc. team is dedicated to continuously meeting the highest of standards within their work. It’s a group of specialists that thrive on dependable performance and have a driven commitment to service quality.

Jim Ball

Jim Ball

Sales Manager

As the lead sales manager at Protractor Software Inc., Jim Ball is a licensed mechanic by trade who has owned and operated multi-location repair shops. Jim manages the sales team and has a wealth of knowledge on the automotive aftermarket and repair shop needs.

Lei Xu

Lei Xu

Head of Software Development

Prior to being recruited by Protractor, Lei Xu was a lead systems designer & programmer for Nortel Networks. Lei brings expertise in database design & administration, communication n protocol/ multi-tiered business logic design & implementation, and overall application development to his job. Lei oversees Protractor’s technical development efforts.


Protractor works to bring leading edge technology to automotive aftermarket repair shops and tire stores.

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